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The XXII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman counts the entries. It ´s already success before switching engines.

14-09-2010 - Archive
From 16 to 18 September next, valid for the Historic European and Italian Rally Championship.
The XXII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman
counts the entries. It ´s already success before switching engines.

A total of 123 members, divided into 86 and 37 for the Rally for Regularity event "XXIII Elba Graffiti" confirm the unchanged appreciation for an international event. Rise in foreign participation: fourteen nations represented, with arrivals from Canada too.
Boom to access the website of the race, which since Sept. 1 has been experiencing over 150,000 hits and almost 35,000 page views. Also plans a live chronicke on the net.
Thursday, September 16, at 04:00PM the press conference at the Select Hotel in Marina di Campo.

Livorno, 10 September 2010.

It grows more each day waiting for the prestigious and essential Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy. Ended the other italian event, the Rally Alpi Orientali Historic, the protagonists of the Historic European and Italian Rally Championship have immediately focused their next objective, the XXII edition of the island race, the eighth round of the Historic European Sporting Rally Championship and the penultimate of the Italian series of specialties, scheduled Sept. 16 to 18 next.
Many innovations proposed by 2010 Rallye Elba that, at first, certainly favors lengthening of the tourist season on the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago.
Then reveal its high-level characters, designed especially for the satisfaction of people running and even those who may attend. For this reason we speak of success, with 123 members, divided into 86 and 37 for the Rally for Regularity event "Elba Graffiti".

What ACI Livorno Sport is going to propose will be as usual an event full of technical and sports cues of absolute value. This year more than ever takes a global feature: between fourteen nationalities represented, on the starting line there will be a driver coming from Canada. Crews are also arriving from Austria, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Norway, Monaco, Czech Republic, Republic of San Marino, Sweden and Switzerland. Scroll through the entry list spread in the morning today we announce challenges impressive as the best interpreters of the two championships are almost all. In addition, the race will be supported as usual by the 37 cars of the entrants in the Elba Graffiti. Again the islander appointment is one of those that the regularity crews love more in the national context.. Following the great success of participation in previous seasons and the strong consensus from fans is that of professionals (twelve nations represented among the competitors in 2009, 6000 units recorded about the movement of these various roles with the event) the race will be presented with some exciting news regarding the race course, structured over three days, from the evening of Thursday 16th in the afternoon of Saturday, September 18.
In fact, for this rally, whose name is a guarantee of success, ACI Livorno Sports, organizer and promoter of the event, once again provided two special stages for the first portion of the challenges, then planned for the evening of Thursday, September 16th: the "Due Colli" and the "Capoliveri", with this one that comes back thanks to the strong interest shown by the municipality, who asked to join the race. The stage is short and very technical and partly traces the path of the famous old one named "dell´Innamorata".
The second day of competition, on Friday, September 17th, has the novelty of the "Rio-Cavo" just over six kilometers never raced that surely will appeal to many, and the classic stages "Monumento" and "Monte Perone".
The final day, on Saturday, September 18, will propose the same format of 2009 edition, which brought together agonism and safety. In the program there are "Volterraio", the "Parata-Falconaia" and again the "Monte Perone", which is the whole race SS longer, almost fifteen kilometers.

Make predictions is difficult. The quality of the plateau of entrants, in fact, is so high, both for cars and drivers, that also the most expert in the field may fail assuming of a possible podium finish ever and also the various groupings.

The previous tricolor, and also Continental, appointment in Udine has further developed the classical fuel to the fire, there are many who want to rebuild the disappointments and others who seek redemption. Both rankings are still open and even short, so the Elban streets will issue important verdicts.
The Sicilian champion Salvatore Riolo (Porsche 911), one of the favored for success, will start with the number one. The driver of Cerda (Palermo), first overall and winner of the second group in 2009, is back from the disappointment of disqualification for a technical irregularity on his car in Udine, when he ended first overall too. Seek prompt redemption but will not have easy life.

As Riolo that will try to repeat the 2009 victory, there are others drivers that think to a great result: Norwegian Walter Jensen (Porsche), the other Sicilian Marco Savioli (Porsche), one of the "suspects" for the championship flag, but also Pierangelo Rossi, Marco Raoul Domenicali, Giuseppe Alfonzo, English Ernie Graham, and Lucio Da Zanche from Valtellina (second overall in Udine and first of the European Championship entrants) think big.

The list goes on, for achievements in various groupings, including the Andrea Stefanacci from Prato (which in 2009 won the third group but then was disqualified for a technical irregularity), the Lombard Luca Ambrosoli (who often runs with the modern car), Muccioli from San Marino, in addition to extemporaneous appearances by the Florentine Paolo Clumps, which debuts with a Porsche after twenty years of experience in modern rallies where he always won so much, and Giovanni Galleni from Livorno, with his usual Opel Ascona 400.

Production performance and spectacular are also expected from various Piero Csrissimi (Opel Kadett), by the Florentine Andrea Polli (Lotus Elan Pasutti, Marenzana, Parisi, Salvini, Patuzzo, De Luca, Bentivogli, the Austrian Harrach, always spectacular with His Mitsubishi Lancer (with whom he made a show in Friuli, before stopping for an accident). These and many other great performers of the historic rallies can be seen on Elba roads, those that seem designed just for a rally. Those where the rally history was drawn with an indelible ink.

The strong interest for the events was also decreed by the real boom of access to website www.rallyelbastorico.it: from September 1 to date has recorded over 150,000 hits and almost 35,000 page views.
It is a dynamic meeting place where besides finding all the information that describes the race, this year crews will have the opportunity to register to the site itself to have a space where to put their own photos and sports curriculum into the dedicated store, available to all users.

Like last year, also for 2010 live race on the net will be organized, then everybody can follow the race in front of the PC comfortably sitting at home, thanks to the established cooperation with the portal www.rallyrevival.it, that will insert the live news in conjunction with the press office.

"LOCMAN" is a name and a guarantee. "Name" because the brand, born on the island of Elba in the eighties, has settled with the strength and quality in the context of major international brands of watches and fashion. A "Guarantee" becuase for the Rallye Elba Storico is just that, adding "LOCMAN" to the event name also for 2010.
Also this year, thus reinforcing the joint with the factory in Marina di Campo, is again the big watch promotion that the ACI Livorno Sports Organizing Committee provides a wonderful memory of the race to anyone who wanted to fine show his love for sports car with a unique and unrepeatable.
The clock, manufactured specifically for Rallye Elba Storico limited edition of 150 copies will even be personalized with the competition number, by engraving on the back of the case.

Departure at 09.30 PM on September 16 of the promenade of Marina di Campo and arrival of the first stint, the three sectors, to 11.20 PM. At that time crews will have over two special stages and will then adjust in the night, always provided in Marina di Campo. The next day, Friday, September 17 cars will leave at 09.00AM to end the day at 04.00PM after six other stages. The closing day, Saturday, September 18, begin stages to 07.45AM to 03.00 PM to close permanently, even in Marina di Campo. In total, the rally so far 476.180 km, 134.230 of which are timed, ie 28.19% of the distance.

Nothing changed regarding the logistics of the rally, the headquarters of the event will stay in Marina di Campo, in the functional structures of the Hotel Select, which will be held the offices of Clerk of the Course, the Secretariat and the Press.

Locman Italy, Moby spa, the Town of Campo in Elba, Hotel Select, Eni, Ip Bozzi, the Town of Capoliveri and obviously the Automobile Club Livorno also for the 2010 edition of the race will be at the side of the organization confirming their passion sports car and especially for the Rally Elba Storico.


ACI Livorno ASD Sports
Via Verdi 32 57126 Livorno
tel. 0039 (0) 586 898435
Fax 0039 (0) 586 205937

Source: Press office

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