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Capoliveri (Island of Elba-Livorno), 07 September 2022


Until 10 September it will be possible to join the iconic challenge proposed by Aci Livorno Sport,
one of the most eagerly awaited rallies on the continent, and in the meantime it is worth going into the details of the challenge scenarios.
As usual, it will be three days of challenges between rallye and 'Graffiti', the regularity race. Already well over the 'three-figure' ceiling of entries, confirmation of the appreciation of a unique event.
The days that separate the start of the XXXIV Rallye Elba Storico - Trofeo Locman Italy, scheduled from 22 to 24 September, are passing quickly. At ACI Livorno Sport - organiser and promoter of the event on behalf of ACI Livorno - everything is ready to give continuity to the beauty of the challenges that the island rallye has always expressed and with the registrations about to reach the end of the line on 10 September, they have already arrived in considerable numbers, well over 100 units, and others are expected in these days, foreshadowing another impressive edition.

Challenges that take place, year after year, on the roads that have made the event a treasure trove of international motorsport, those that have made the Elban rally an unmissable event for many, from racers to insiders to enthusiasts.

It will be the eighth round of the 2022 FIA European Historic Rally Championship and seventh of the eight rounds of the Italian Historic Car Rally Championship. Other validations, by now "by tradition", are those for the Memory Fornaca, for the A112 Abarth Trophy and for the Michelin Historic Rally Cup. They are joined by the XXXIV edition of the Rallye Elba Graffiti for the "Medium Regularity" and the IX Regularity Sport.

This year's 'regularity to medium' was added to the NORTH-CENTER HRR SLAM, of which the Coppa Liburna and the Coppa Attilio Bettega are also part.

The event, as is customary, has the dual value of giving great impetus to the sport of motoring and of favouring the extension of the tourist season to the pleasant September days, those that start the autumn, combining the beauty of the territory with the true scent of one of the most exciting sporting histories in the world. The most immediate example of the above is the "incoming" data from last year's Rallye Elba Storico event: as many as twelve nations were represented by competing crews and over 8,000 were the recorded movement of those present in various roles.

And it is precisely in order to give strength to this double feature that the 2022 route will also be presented with some changes to the course and the timetable, precisely so that everyone can experience strong sensations during the race and appreciate the island and its beauty to the fullest when free from sporting commitments.


A renewed look, but not too much, the one proposed to the competitors for this year's edition, which will once again be able to convey strong sensations, an exciting, fun and above all technical challenge.
There are ten special stages spread over three race days, with the first stage mainly covering the central-western part of the island while the second will take place in the east. The total distance of the rallye will be 448.690 kilometres, of which 135.250 will be time trials.

The challenges are described here, with the race schedules as well:

Special Stage No. 1 - 'CAPOLIVERI' (KM. 7,240)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 22.09.2022 at 09.50 hrs.

Special Stage No. 6/8 - 'INNAMORATA' (KM. 6,630)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2022 at 14.00 hrs.

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Capoliveri is hosting a 'town' Special Stage at night, thanks to the valuable collaboration of the municipal administration and a large group of enthusiasts.
The start of PS 1 is in Via Mellini, and after passing through the historic centre, skirting the main square of Capoliveri, it runs through the narrow streets of the town with sharp ups and downs and 'blind' bends not without pitfalls at the edge of the road, where the slightest driving error can cost dearly for the continuation of the race.
SS 6/8, on the other hand, is run two days later during daylight hours and shares more than 90 per cent of the course with SS 1, starting from Viale Italia.
Leaving Capoliveri, on both tracks, the riders will descend towards the hamlets of Morcone, Pareti and Innamorata, to finish their course then on the slopes of Monte Calamita.
These special stages are extremely technical and with a high degree of difficulty, and the surface is constantly uneven and subject to changes in inclination. In addition, the urban sections do not allow drivers and their navigators any respite due to the constant succession of bends and aggravating fatigue.

Special Stage 2/4 - 'MONUMENTO' (KM. 12,520)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 23/9/2022 at 09.55 and 13.55

The classic iconic 'Monument' stage, which has truly made Rallye history, returns, this time starting from the village of Norsi towards Filetto-Bonalaccia, as has not happened for several editions now.
A test that sees its first kilometres without any particular height difference but with a continuous series of fairly slow bends that break up the rhythm, until reaching the town of Lacona, where the road becomes slightly "dirty" and the driver must completely change his approach to driving as he has to deal with some sudden changes of direction. Leaving Lacona, the stage returns to the "Provinciale" where a fairly fast climb will favour the most powerful engines, at least until the top of the hill. The last 3 kilometres of the stage are downhill on good asphalt. Particular points of attraction for fans are the bends in the built-up area of Lacona and the Golfi junction.

Special Stage 3 "COLLE PALOMBAIA" (km. 16,310)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24/9/2022 at 10.30 a.m.

Special Stage 5 'DUE MARI' (km 22.340)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24/9/2022 2.30 p.m.

This year, Aci Livorno Sport is once again proposing the Monte Perone trials in a south-to-north direction. The two trials have in common the central stretch, the 'toughest' one, between the Accolta junction and the village of Poggio: almost 10 kilometres of intense emotions for those who will face them in the race. The route is very selective and complex, with climbs and descents, challenging terrain that changes constantly, hairpin bends, there really is everything.
The stage "Colle Palombaia", which takes its name from the place where the start is located, is one of the novelties of 2022, having the first 2-3 kilometres unpublished for the Rallye Elba Storico, a stretch of road slightly uphill that arrives in the village of San Piero in Campo where the test is linked to routes already tested in the various editions of the competition and then continues to the junction dell'Accolta, one of the most popular and frequented by fans, meeting place with the route of the test "Due Mari". The latter trial, in the first 2 kilometres or so, tackles a series of hairpin bends before crossing the town of Sant'Ilario. Two different starts but also two different finish locations, since the "Colle Palombaia" finishes about one kilometre before the Lavacchio junction, passing through the centre of Poggio and above all the double hairpin bend of "Publius", another excellent point of attraction for fans, while the "Due Mari", after tackling the "Civillina" provincial road, ends in Buonconsiglio.
The most challenging part of the route runs through some treacherous sections due to the ground often made dirty by foliage, between bends and hairpin bends in the midst of dense vegetation.

Special Stage No. 7 - "VOLTERRAIO-CAVO" (KM. 26,940)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2022 at 10.40 a.m.

Special Stage No. 9 - "VOLTERRAIO" (KM. 5,680)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2022 at 14.50

Special Stage No. 10 - "BAGNAIA-CAVO" (KM. 18,440)
Theoretical passage 1st competitor: 24.09.2022 at 15.08

The longest Special Stage of the race, starting from Rio Elba and arriving in Cavo via Nisporto and Bagnaia. After almost 27 kilometres of bends and hairpin bends with a constantly changing surface, it has been a fixed appointment in the event schedule since 2018. The route is derived from the union of three historical trials, "Volterraio", "Falconaia" and "Parata", and its realisation was made possible by the collaboration with the local administrations given the important impact on the territory.
From a technical point of view, it is a special test that will put the endurance of drivers and cars to the test, precisely because of the intrinsic characteristics of this marvellous road.
There are many points of interest: from the end of Volterraio to the hairpin bends of the Falconaia to the passage to the church of San Pietro in Rio Elba, to name but a few. In this trial, the 'driver' really makes the difference.


Capoliveri will remain the headquarters of the competition, with the headquarters always located in the exclusive setting of the Hotel Elba international, with the start and finish also in the centre of the town. The great novelty of this edition will be the Service Park planned for the first time in Rio nell'Elba, an initiative strongly desired by the municipality of Rio. It will be located on the S.P. 33, between the locality of Padreterno and the church of San Pietro and some neighbouring areas, and it has been made possible thanks to the strong interest of the municipality and local enthusiasts, as a place to experience the rallye while savouring the magic of the territory, wandering through the park up to the historic wash-houses and mining museums.

Aci Livorno Sport announces that the race, as it will take place from 22 to 24 September (Thursday, Friday and Saturday), DOES NOT CONNECT WITH THE VOTING DAY scheduled for Sunday 25 September.
The organisation asks those interested, in whatever capacity, in the competition to consider valid EXCLUSIVELY the news provided by the organisation through its official channels.


Wednesday 21 September 2022

09:00-19:00 (Each competitor by appointment) Registration for reconnaissance - Distribution of Road Book, route maps and other documents - Distribution of GPS trackers for reconnaissance and race - Reconnaissance car control (Accreditation Centre Capoliveri, Località Aia di Chelino)
15:00-22:00: Reconnaissance (first part) Thursday 22 September 2022
09:00-11:00 Registration for reconnaissance - Distribution of Road Book, route maps and other documents - Distribution of GPS trackers for reconnaissance and race - Reconnaissance car control (Accreditation Centre Capoliveri, Località Aia di Chelino)
15:00-22:00: Reconnaissance (first part)
09:00-16:00 : Technical checks and tyre punching (Capoliveri, Località Aia di Chelino) 19:00 : Entry of cars into the start park
19:30 : Ceremonial departure
20:00: Departure (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)
21:20 : PS 'Capoliveri' (Km 7.24)
21:35: Re-arrangement 1 (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)

Friday 23 September 2022

08:10: Exit Rearrangement 1 (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)
10:10 a.m. : Estimated start time IX Historic Regularity Sport - XXXIV Elba Graffiti
17:05 : Arrival first stage entrance in closed park (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)
19:00 : Publication of starting order for stage 2

Saturday 24 September 2022

8:30 : Departure 2nd stage (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)
16:20 : Arrival 2nd stage - Prize-giving (Capoliveri, Piazzale di viale Australia)
18:00 : Publication of the official final rankings.


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