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XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: Triumph for Riolo-Floris (Audi Quattro)

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XXVI Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy: Triumph for Riolo-Floris (Audi Quattro)
The Sicilian driver signing another time the hall of fame of the race with a great performance with the german 4WD car.
The rest of podium for Brazzoli (Lancia Rally 037) and Valliccioni Renault 5 turbo).

Salvatore Riolo, with Alessandro Floris, on the Audi Quattro A2 by Balletti, won the XXVI ELBA RALLY HISTORIC TROPHY LOCMAN ITALY, twelfth round of the FIA EUROPEAN SPORTING HISTORIC RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP, as well as eighth round of the CAMIONATO ITALIANO AUTO STORICHE (Italian Rally Championship For Historic Cars).

The race, organized by ACI Livorno Sport, had initiated challenges the evening of Thursday, and it is run between yesterday and today on the length of 11 special stages, on over 130 kilometers timed.

The Sicilian driver and his co-driver, Elban by adoption, have made the most of the german 4WD on the insidious and uplifting road of the race signing another time its roll of honour.

After the opening stages of the competition Thursday night that was won by "Lucky"-Pons (Lancia Rally 037), Riolo-Floris took the leadeship after the problem to a drive shaft of these and in the same time also "Pedro"-Baldaccini (Lancia Rally 037), among the candidates to victory, had abandoned, for an overheating engine problems.

Then, for three quarters of the first Leg, Riolo has failed to stem the attacks coming from various pretenders to succeed despite repeated steering problems, which responded with an excellent service team as well as with a good dose of coolness, that also used when towards the end of the first stage itself the tough Brazzoli-Valmassoi (Lancia Rally 037) was unable to switch to command. The Brazzoli´s leadership lasted for only one stage, just to see the ready come back of Riolo.

Brazzoli finished in second place overall with a large merit, managing to contain the continuous raids of the Corse Marc Valliccioni and his spectacular Renault 5 turbo. Throughout the race Brazzoli and Valliccioni have been in brawl, a close and spectacular duel in which it fitted the young, winner of the 2013 edition Nicholas Montini (Porsche 911 RSR) which, on the threshold of the last effort timed arrived close to the French in third place, but he lost about 50 "at the end and then close sixth overall, defeating his exciting final progression.

The fourth place is for Lucio Da Zanche (Porsche 911 RS), author of a smooth performance certainly confirmed by a great final and did not miss the result of the San Marino driver Giuliano Calzolari, fifth with his Ford Escort RS codrivered by Simone Scalabrini from Elba Island.

Riolo was then awarded the 4th Category Valliccioni, with Marie Cardis, win the 3rd Category, in the 2nd Category has won Da Zanche and in the 1st the winner is Luigi Capsoni, with the Alpine A110, in front of Luigi Zampaglione (Porsche 911), restarted in the second Leg after the withdrawal at the beginning of the first Leg on Thursday evening for an electrical failure.

The second Leg has been enriched by the show and by extensive technical content: with the top of the classification fixed, the new racing showdown of the Lancia Rally 037 of "Lucky" and "Pedro", who restart on the basis of Regulation of competition after that - as already mentioned - had suddenly abandoned the race shortly after the start. "Lucky" has finished, acquiring important points for the championship of the 4th European Championship Category as "Pedro" has once again stopped (on the last stage) for a broken driveshaft.

Local hero Riccardo Galullo, codrivered by Pieri on his yellow Fiat 128 Rally closed "their" rally in a exciting 25th position overall.

In the Trofeo Abarth A112, the last round of the series with the two stages that are two distinct races, saw Giorgio Sisani winner of both days.


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