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The XXVII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy reveals his characters.

01-07-2015 18:30 - Archive
From 17 to 19 September, as usual valid for the European and Italian Rally history.

The XXVII Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy reveals his characters.

Real identity for the entire island, the race offers a path that comes from the island tradition of road racing, with the addition of some variants over the last edition.
The program also includes the "Graffiti", indispensable Event for experts in the average regularity, which was confirmed the continental title, and the "regularity sport".
The path is proposed with 10 Special Stages, designed for racing, one SS less than the last edition but longest and also the timeframe of the two legs is designed to better enjoy the island to the competitors.

The XXVII Rallye Elba Storico will take place 17 to 19 September: a constant for years now for the post-holiday, the traditional location at the end of the summer, perfect to favor the extension of the tourist season on the largest island of the Tuscan archipelago, to enjoy the sensations of a unique territory, to "feel" the Passion, to "feel" the History. A history of the most exciting sports in the world.

Valid as the thirteenth round of the European Historic Sporting Rally Championship and the final act of the Italian Championship, it includes of course also the XXVIII Elba Graffiti, the sixth round of the FIA Trophy for Regularity Rallies, as saying the continental championship of "Regularity Rally", where to do list are passing controls, controls stamp and tests defined "of precision". In addition, there will be the opportunity to compete in the race of "Regularity Sport".

The classic, indispensable rendezvous proposed by ACI Livorno Sport - organizer and promoter of the event mandated by ACI Livorno - is preparing, therefore, to see renewed challenges with the clock appearing on the Italian and international scene with a role in the magazine, which of course comes from the tradition of an event that every year is definitely a unique edition.

Given the broad consensus achieved since 2011 edition, when the general logistics moved in Capoliveri, ACI Livorno Sport has designed the 2015 edition ready to consolidate the high quality offered in the past editions.

As usual it is an Event that is designed for the entire island as owned of the territory but also "for" the territory, which promotes the image, communication and also the economic impact with emotional tourism, the one brought on the island.

To give the most obvious example, last year thirteen nations were represented by crews and more than 8,000 units around the recorded movement of these various roles with the event last year.

Nothing changed, compared to the four previous editions, regarding the logistics of the Rallye: the headquarters of the event is confirmed, in Capoliveri, at the functional and exclusive facilities at the Hotel Elba International, exclusive location admiring the Bay of Porto Azzurro , which will host the Race Direction, the Secretariat and the Press.

Competition, exciting duels with the cars that made the history of street racing and also culture. Cultural history of the automobile. These have always been the inspiration of the race for which, this year, we worked with passion to make it even more exciting and fascinating.

In fact, for this rally which the name alone is a guarantee of success (the Rallye Elba is one of the most famous Italian races in the world), ACI Livorno Sport, once more provided for a three-day challenges, with a total of 10 special stages, one less than in 2014. Paths are "historic", which have seen more than once fascinating sporting feats.

In large part has been kept the track of the 2014 edition, but also the "Two Hills" SS will return, after has been played last time in 2013, and two stages will be reversed: will the "Volterraio-Parata" (seen in this version in 2013) and the "Bagnaia-Cavo", never run in this version during any historic Rallye Elba.

A new look but not too much, that will surely be appreciated by those who will race, which will face a Rallye ready to send again strong sensations, an exciting, fun and above all technical challenge.

The start of 1st Leg is programmed for the evening of Thursday, September 17: from 19.00 competitors descend from the platform starting track in Piazza Matteotti in Capoliveri and will immediately compete with two special stages, the "Bagnaia-Cavo" (a new version of Km . 18,400) and "Capoliveri" (Km. 4,850), in the classic circuit in the village. Then, competitors will enter the regroupment in the night starting at 22.15.

The second day of competition, Friday, September 18, which will leave at 09.00, includes four stages, with the end of the day for the first car at 14.40, always in Capoliveri.

The next day, on Saturday, September 19th the grand finale, with an additional four timed sections: the challenges will start at 08.30, and the checkered flag, always in Capoliveri, will flown in from 15.35 hours.

The times of the ends of each Leg were studied again in order to let live the Elba and its beauty more and more to the competitors, so as to join in a concrete sport and tourism, taking advantage of the pleasant - and still long - September days.

In total the rally measuring 403.680 km, of which 135.100 timed, namely the 33,47% of the entire distance. From these data we can see the characteristic of the course designed for racing, which is less special stages but longer, so the crews will be more time to spend with helmet, gloves and overalls.

Locman Italy, Moby Spa, Capoliveri, Marciana, Rio nell´Elba, Eni, Acqua dell´Elba, Hotel Elba International and of course the Automobile Club Livorno, also for the 2015 edition of the race will stand organization, confirming their strong passion for sport car and especially for the Rallye Elba.

The 2014 edition of the race was won by Riolo-Floris, with an Audi Quattro.


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