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The XXIV Rallye Elba is also "social"

27-07-2012 16:30 - Archive
Following the evolution of media ACI Livorno Sports has decided to create its own identity on social networks more popular, namely Facebook and Twitter, plus include in the short term "on the new social images and sensations" Pinterest ".

Two identities that will want to "talk" to many fans and admirers of the rallies on the island of Elba.

Livorno, 27 July 2012

The 24th edition of the Rallye Elba Storico-Trofeo Locman Italy was recently presented, as the tenth of the twelve rounds of FIA ​​European Historic Rally Championship and penultimate of ten rounds of Italian Championship, and today this event, sponsored by the Automobile Club Livorno by means of its operational part of ACI Livorno Sport, expected 20 to 22 September, announced that it has become very "social".

Following the evolution of communication and interaction between people, ACI Livorno Sport has decided to launch a strong presence of Rallye Elba brand on the most popular social network (Facebook and Twitter) by which it is possible to build relationships with virtual communities.

Furthermore, it is in the design phase the identity on another rising social media, "Pinterest", that from the beginning of 2012 has done in the interests of many. It´s a Social Media "photo sharing" that showcases images and sensations together. In this case it will be posted on the archive photographs, just to relive the passionate feelings stronger than given by one of the most popular races in the world.

There will be a space "social" is intended to enhance each race to be held on the island of Elba but to give voice to the Rallye Elba, obviously focusing frame for the event which will have to fight over the next several deadline.

The addresses are the following:




Aci Livorno Sport ASD
Via Verdi 32 57126 Livorno
tel. 0039 (0) 586 898435
fax 0039 (0)586 205937

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