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XXIV Elba Graffiti... And the winner is... Marani-Varotto

25-09-2011 20:10 - Archive
A perfect achievement for the first time of the regularity race with average stages, looking at the European eligibility in the specialty for 2012.

Unmissable appointment on the roads of the island, this year the Elba Graffiti, regularity race for historic cars, was under "special observation". That of 2011 was a sort of experiment to evaluate the possibility of joining, in 2012, the European Championship of "regularity rallies". It is a discipline more and more exciting, in which the classifications are made by the penalties realized in time controls, passage controls and stages where the "precision" is rewarded on roads open to normal traffic, which must be maintained on an average, not always the same, pointed out time and time by the organization of the race.
The overall winner is crew Andrea Marani-Andrea Varotto with a Porsche 911 of 1973, with only 59 penalty. The rest of the podium was for the Senna-Calegari (BMW 2002 TI of 1972) with a gap penalty of 19 and Barbotto-Borca (Fiat 124 Spider of 1972), at a distance of 26.
In total, 30 crews finished the race, all supporters that "the experiment-Elba" achieved total success, both for the logistics and for the paths offered to the race, that has been the scene of admiration of the unique beauty of the island.

Source: Press Office

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